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Choosing The Right SEO Vendor

As you look for search engine optimization firm, like in any other vendor, be careful about what type of products or services they offer.

There are many companies that offer optimization services yet it could be difficult to pinpoint which is the best one for you. It may even be difficult just to find out if such company performs the effective and ethical means of page optimization. Remember that the success or failure of your online business partly relies on the selection of the best search engine optimization company for you.

There are different ways to find out how to check if an SEO company is worth considering or not:

  1. Look over the company web site. If they offer SEO services to different web sites, they must also perform SEO to their very own web pages. If they rank well on queries you use when searching for SEO companies on Google or Yahoo!, they must have done their assignment. The next question there is that are they doing it correctly according to Google‘s or Yahoo!’s or any search engine search guidelines.
  2. Talk to them. Ask them about the transparency of their work. Are they gonna send you a detailed list of what they do on your site? Ask them how they measure results. Do they stick to search rankings alone? Do they measure ROI the right way? Are they comfortable in answering questions regarding shady techniques also known as “black hat SEO” or linking strategy or their preference between pay per click or natural optimization on your pages?
  3. Check out their client listing and testimonials and see if they are on top positions on their targeted keywords. No need to be very specific but if their client is a hotel, search phrases could be “hotel timbuktu” or “timbuktu cheap accommodation” or if property agent it could be “property agent” plus your location. Ranking on certain phrases can be very difficult depending on the degree of competitiveness but careful keyword analysis and selection should drive your pages good positions on less competitive ones. The experience in the industry can be deceiving since it’s possible that many of their clients don’t deliver good results and return on investment (ROI).
  4. Look at their service offers especially guarantees. When a firm mentions guaranteed listing, that should be prerequisite but when it mentions guaranteed rankings that should alert you. No one knows how search engines compute for search results positioning so no one should outright mention guaranteed rankings.
  5. Check out on forums, news bulletins about the performance of such company. If you find nothing fishy among news items you read or no news at all about the company , it may be doing well and was not a subject of a client complaint. Ask resource people over the web and find out if they know anything about the company. If you hear good feedback, then that’s an indication about the good reputation but not an outright guarantee that it’s doing it’s job well.

Before I mentioned about bad SEO clients. Surely there are clients who demand something that cannot be delivered. In some ways that’s justified by the fact that they do that because they are paying clients. But what’s worse are the bad vendors who take your money and do not do their jobs properly. So it’s important to know the SEO company before signing a contract with them and letting them manipulate your pages.


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