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G1,000,000,000,000gle: Google Indexes 1 Trillion Pages

It has been reported by Google that it now can index 1 trillion (that’s 1 followed by 12 zeros) unique URLs and proclaimed to know that “We knew the web was big”.

1998: Google is launched. 26 million pages
2000: Google starts to assert its search engine popularity. 1 billion pages.

It took eight years to take that into another milestone which indeed is a very remarkable achievement.

As for its closest search rival Yahoo, the gap is widening. In the past we have often seen a few statements regarding the number of pages indexed. Yahoo! claims it has indexed N number of pages, while Google responds to the said claim. In previous Google homepage versions, it proudly displays the number of pages it indexed. The idea was dropped a few years ago as Google wants to focus on search result quality rather than engage in numbers game.

When can we hear Google announce it has indexed a quadrillion pages? Perhaps we need to build more pages before that can be achieved.


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