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12 Annoying Things About Facebook

1. Automated Friend Suggestions
Facebook pretends to know who my friends are by making suggestions on “Friends You May Know”. This is probably based on my current friends and on what they are doing right now. While this feature provides good matches (like skipped web mail contacts), most in my list are totally unknown strangers. I am sure that we have other ways to find that long lost friend (allowing FB to access your email contacts, looking at your friend’s friends or simply using that search function) but not through that Friend Finder suggestion feature. One solution, remove your contacts.

2. Friend Requests from Strangers
I was sure I already rejected your invitation to be my friend for one simple reason: I don’t know you. Acting anti-social in a popular social networking site? Maybe. Perhaps that one can be sorted if you sent me a message notifying “we exchanged cards at the luncheon meeting” or “I am a fan of your blog”. But you didn’t. I may be forgetful but I am also cautious, as escaped convicts, criminals and other boneheads are lurking around, waiting to catch their next prey.

3. Missing Dislike Button
There are people who can only express feelings with a thumbs up or a thumbs down sign. In Facebook, one is missing the other since we’re only allowed to “Like” an update as a way to replace one-word comments like “great”, “cool” or “excellent”. A “Dislike” remark could be a warning sign for someone posting irrelevant, offensive or otherwise private updates and discourage similar acts in the future. There are 2.5 million people complaining about the missing “Dislike” button, but they belong to just less than 1% of the total number of Facebook users. The verdict: no “Dislike” for now; Facebook’s got to deal with more important matters (privacy, user experience and making money).

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4. Endless Event, Application and Other Invites
Hey, you want me to join your Mafia group, farming community or gang of pirates. Or you want to send me a message, but before I could read it, I should first be a member of the gang. I am sorry but I don’t find them interesting at all. Others are not invites but are mere requests (“You are invited to ‘HELP ME FIND A FLATMATE, FROM 1 JUL TO 31 OCT'”). In the mean time, please spare me from these invitations, I am fine without them.

5. Private Messages Done in Public
Some friends get that habit of skipping the Inbox in favor for status updates and comments. Not that this is a bad thing, but certainly is for messages that are unfit for public consumption. Leave something to hide in the closet. Just because Facebook made our private lives more open to the public already means we can assume there’s nothing we can do. Or maybe Facebook needs to make that Inbox even more accessible.

6. Tagging Missing or Embarrassing Photos
Some members are guilty of overly promoting themselves by tagging contacts within their videos and photos even if these contacts are not there at all. Worse, when they are confirmed to be in the photos, such photos are the ones we almost forgot about. No thanks to these taggers who have no regard for personal reputation of self and others, someone just became butt of jokes.

7. Useless Applications
How sexy is your name? What’s your zombie personality quiz score? Such tasteless applications are not only useless, but they also clutter Facebook’s content which is supposed to be a seamless platform to interact with friends. Facebook has stepped in to issue warning against these offending applications, but at the same time, it’s Facebook who will reap the financial benefits by allowing these apps to proliferate within the network. Have a quick look at what are these applications and you’ll see why they’re basically useless.

8. Having Friends Who Broadcast Diaries
Do you have a friend who can’t seem to make the hour pass without informing about his boring, mundane life? Plus the common English mistakes. “[Douchebag] is bored”. “[Douchebag] is hungery, can someone tell me what to eat?” “[Douchebag] is sleepy but I cant *&^*&^ get to sleep”. “[Douchebag] is in the paaaaarttttttaaaayyy”. The solution? Hide his updates, and if that’s not enough, there are many ways to press that “unfriend” button to get rid of that [Douchebag].

9. Poke
I can’t believe we still have that function.

10. It’s Complicated
Facebook has always been about making conversations. By adding the “It’s complicated” status as an option, we become intrigued by someone and his or her antics. We could guess “are they still together?”, “that confirms my suspicion” or “poor thing”. Maybe that person needs to log out of Facebook first and sort his/her life first before coming back with that confusing status.

11. Addictive
Admit it, there are times that you can’t seem to leave Facebook. At one time, you find yourself swimming back in memory with old photos tagging you. On another you got hooked on a funny
video shared by a close pal. And before you know it, you just spent an hour of your day. Or more. Day after day.

Update (8 February): 12. People who are fond of sending “gifts”
I hope this update is not the beginning of a series of rants against Facebook. Some friends, close or not, are fond of sending me virtual gifts. “Please accept this cake I baked for you”, “Please accept this heart — I just got it for you” and all other gifts I don’t think are sincerely given to me; I am one of mabe dozens of recipients of virtual gifts sent with a touch of a button. I have to remove them one by one as I find them an eyesore rather than eye candy. Maybe as a consolation, these friends have a way to reach out to me while I have failed to communicate with them for a long time. However, Facebook virtual gifts is not my way of starting a conversation.


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